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Ultrasonic Flow Meter

UFM Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter

UFM Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter

UFM Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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The Series UFM is a highly accurate and stable Flow meter. It adopts ultrasonic time different method to test water flow rate. It is a compact meter that has been designed to incorporate the flow sensor  and calculator all in one unit for simplification of the unit's installation. The8 digit LED display makes  reading the measured value simple and easy.The compact size and lack of  moving parts makes the series  UFM a low maintenance unit.

Service: Clean water.
Range: See chart;
Accuracy: Class 2
Serial Communications: M-BUS, MODBUS, or BACNET.
Temperature Limits: Ambient: 41 to 131°F (5 to 55°C);
Storage: 41 to 131°F (5 to 55°C);
Process: 36 to 203°F (2 to 95°C).
Ambient Humidity: <93%.
Pressure Max: 232 psi (16 bar) / 362psi(25 bar) , default 16 bar.
Pressure Loss: <3.62 psi (25 kPa).
Power Requirements: External Supply: 24 VDC; Battery: 3.6V.
Display: 8 digit LED.
Flow Direction: Unidirectional.
Enclosure Rating: IP65.
Process Connection: See chart.
Mounting Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical.
Agency Approvals: CE

Technical Data:

1.Communication interface: RS485
2.Communication protocol: MODBUS RTU
3.Power supply mode: DC24V
4.Analog output: 4-20mA
5.Protection grade: IP65
6.Pressure grade: PN16 or PN25(default is PN16)
7.Pipe section: Carbon steel welding
Note: the pressure grade is optional



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