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Single-phase Electronic KWH Meter

DDS1661 Single-phase Electronic KWH Meter(4P)

DDS1661 Single-phase Electronic KWH Meter(4P)

DDS1661 Single-phase Electronic KWH Meter(4P)

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Adopting advanced microelectronics, LSIC, digital processing technology and SMT technics, our newly developed DDS1661DIN rail mounted single phase KWH meter utterly conform  to the relative technic requirement   of grade 1 single phase KWH meter of IEC 62053-21.   It can precisely calculate the active energy loss of RP 50Hz or 60Hz single-phase  AC network.   Reliable, small size, light, gorgeous and easy installation, It is widely-used  and convenient collaborating.

1. Standard 35mm DIN rail mounting or wall mounting optional , conforming to DIN EN 50022
2. Width grade 4, conforming to JB/T7121-1993
3. digtial LCD ,standard 5+2(99999.99kWh)display, 6+1 optional
4. Standard passive energy pulse output (polar ), passive telecontrol energy pulse output(nonpolar) optional, convenient connection with AMR, conforming to IEC 62053-31and 43864.
5. Three LED respectively indicate: power(green), energy pulse(red), and RS485 indication (yellow)
6. No load current flow direction test, automatic test optional, single LED display
7. Calculating the active energy loss from one direction, no concerning with load current flow direction,conforming to IEC 62053-21
8.Standard "S" shape connecting wire(bottom input and top output), direct connecting
9.RS485 interface render remote metering and integration management. Standard communication protocol (MODBUS-RTU or DL/T645 optional)
10.Communication Baud Rate:9600bps

Technical Data:

RS485 interface,Modbus RTU protocol;                    

Accuracy: Class 1.0;7 digits LCD display;                                  

Voltage circuit power consumption :≤1.0W 5VA;                            

Measurment: total active energy                            

1.5(6)A,  5(20)A,5(30)A,10(40)A,10(60)A,15(60)A,20(80)A,30(100)A

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